DoDEA Operations in a "Government Shutdown"

In the event of a lapse in appropriations after September 30, 2023 leading to a “government shutdown”, DoDEA schools will remain open for normal operations, except for sports (including practices) and extracurricular activities which will pause during a shutdown.

Chain of Command

Mr. Jesus Calderon, DoDEA employees official photo.

Mr. Jesus Calderon

PSC 477 Box 38
NAF Atsugi
FPO, AP 96306-0005
United States


School Contacts

Name Position Phone
Attendance Attendance 0467-63-3664
Information Specialist Information Specialist 0467-63-3664
PTO PTO 0467-63-3664
Registrar Registrar 0467-63-3664
School Advisory Council (SAC) School Advisory Council 0467-63-3664
School Counselor School Counselor 0467-63-3662
School Liaison School Liaison 0467-63-3664
School Nurse/Health Aide School Nurse/Health Aide 0467-63-3663
School Psychologist School Psychologist 0467-63-3664
School Webmaster School Webmaster 0467-63-3664

School Hours

Tuesdays are early release days

Regular Hours Tuesday Hours Short Days
Office Hours 0800 - 1600
School Hours 0815 - 1435 0815 - 1335 0815 - 1100
Lunch Hours 1000 - 1230
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